The 10 most quotable movies of all time


There are some movies that deliver lines so memorable that they become part of popular culture. From comedies with hilarious one-liners to tense thrillers with killer quotes, these films are quoted by film fans of all ages, all across the world. Ready for some classic lines? Click through this gallery to discover the most quotable … Read more

Celebrities who married their high school sweetheart


There’s a sure mysterious quality about a secondary school sentiment blooming into an enduring relationship, one which makes customary daters faint. It appears to be almost unimaginable, or maybe a relic of times gone by, yet it actually makes everybody jubilant and idealistic. Consider it: when you’re youthful and presently can’t seem to encounter the … Read more

The best Batman villain performances

What Heath Ledger brings to Batman movies When Ledger played the Joker in “The Dark Knight”, he contributed to superheroes expanding in popularity. Sadly, Ledger died before he could receive an Oscar for this role. Michelle Pfeiffer Provides a Brilliant Performance Danny DeVito played Penguin, but Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as Catwoman is what captures the … Read more

10 actors with massive real estate portfolios

Well known entertainers appear to have everything — looks, abundance, ability, and amazing property in lovely areas all over the planet. Their homes highlight each convenience and extravagance. For certain entertainers, however, land is about in excess of a lucky domain or super chateau, a venture weds their affection for home and their enterprising soul. … Read more

The Bachelorette season 19 funny social comments

the bachelorette

About Pink Venom-An Interview With Album Writer Alexx May


Rarely can an artist say they’re surprised by their success, but that’s what happened with Pink Venom’s album, which is bound to take them even farther into the spotlight. In this interview, learn how they went from nothing to being on TV shows like The Voice and getting signed by Lime Studios in the span … Read more



It has been awhile since a Marvel movie has made you laugh and appreciate the story at the same time. She-Hulk is sassy, sarcastic, intelligent, and ambitious. She doesn’t settle for less and she won’t bow down just because she became a superhero by accident. Of course, that wasn’t her choice but then she has … Read more